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Is there a cost for listening or subscribing? 
Its free.  Just click on the play button under the topic you

are interested in listening to or listen in on Itunes store or stiticher

Who are the presenters and storytellers?
Some speakers are professions in the field, some are writers, some recovered from an eating disorder or self injury and some are recovering addicts.  You  can view a bio of each speaker and in most cases click a link to their own sites, as well as hear their bio at the beginning and end of each audio clip.

Are the speakers representing any one person's or any one philosophy of recovery or any specific treatment program?
No. The only common thread that all podcasts have is that they support recovery and emotional healing and resilience.  No single philosophy or approach is presented over another.  The ideas presented do not necessarily reflect those of other presenters or of Melissa Groman, LCSW.

Can the podcasts be used as therapy?
No. The On Recovery Podcasts are not to be considered therapy or a replacement for therapy or any other kind of recovery program.

How do I listen? 
Just click on the play button on the sound bar below the topic you'd like to listen to or go to the Itunes store or listen on stitcher.

If I would like further help with recovery where should I go?

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