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Join Jennifer and Melissa as they discuss finding your voice - literally and figuratively. We also talk about seperating body image issues from creativity, acceptance and perfectionism and power struggles we don't even know we have.



Jennifer Hamady is a voice coach, psychotherapist and performing artist and the author of The Art of Singing and Learning to Sing.  She blogs at Visit Jennifer at

Jennifer Hamady -

Join Liz and Melissa for a chat about obsession and creativity, moving from self abuse to self care and the nature of wanting.  We talk about obsession with people, our thoughts, hearing the messages from our healhy core and tapping into our own creativity no matter how big or small it may be.​


Liz is a long time recovering addict, an accomplished photograhper and musician who shares her strory, her jounrey out of emotional pain and into creativity.  To contact Liz please email melissa at

Liz and Melissa -

Miranda Hobbes, Project Manager​

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